Saturday, October 20, 2018

Announcing BittyWeb 1.0

It's been a year in the making so it is with great excitement that I am able to announce that BittyWeb 1.0 is now available for general use!

BittyWeb puts micro:bit educational applications in the hands of every member of class, exactly where it should be. It's web based so all you need is a suitable web browser and a computer, tablet or smartphone that has Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

There are three applications in version 1.0. Bitty Data Logger, for visualising and analysing data from micro:bit sensors and other things connected to its pins. Bitty Controller let you remote control machines and is ideal for eletronics and robotics projects. Bitty Polyhedra is not quite complete but as you'll see, it provides a fun way to let young students explore the world of 3D geometry using their micro:bit to allow three dimensional viewing of important shapes. More applications are planned too.

To use BittyWeb, your organisation needs an account and to subscribe to use the system for a given period of time, with a selected maximum number of concurrent users. Typically this would be the size of one or two classes.

By the way, the orientation video for V1.0 should whet your appetite!

And here's the applications promo video!

Sadly, despite this being a genius idea, BittyWeb was not as popular as expected and is no longer available.It was fun while it lasted though!

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