Saturday, December 8, 2018

Bitty Event Monitor V1.0 now available

BittyWeb now has a new application called Bitty Event Monitor.

Monitor anything you like using your micro:bit and report significant events to this BittyWeb application and it will indicate whatever is going on with the colour and text that you choose. Suitable for a huge range of classroom and maker projects, you could monitor temperature bands, atmospheric pressure ranges or motion. If you can measure it on a micro:bit using the right code, you can report different states to Bitty Event Monitor for it to indicate visually on your screen.

Watch this video of Bitty Event Monitor working with a micro:bit running some simple temperature monitoring code:

Code for the temperature monitor is available here:

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Bitty Polyhedra V1.0 now available in BittyWeb

BittyWeb has a new application. It's called Bitty Polyhedra and it's designed to help teach and learn about 3D geometric shapes known as polyhedra. Start by loading our hex file onto your micro:bit or follow the Bitty Software tutorial to make your own. Then, in BittyWeb go into the Bitty Polyhedra application, scan for your micro:bit, select and connect to it.

From there you can explore shapes in the shape library, rotating 3D images of the selected shape on screen using your micro:bit as a controller, tilting or rotating to control the shape on screen.

Test your knowledge by taking a quiz!

Lots of fun and educational too.

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