Saturday, December 15, 2018

GiggleBot and Bitty Controller

GiggleBot is a wheeled "bot" from Dexter Industries which you control with a BBC micro:bit.

There are quite a few bots available for micro:bit enthusiasts now, but this one does have a certain je ne sais qoi. Perhaps it's the integral line following and light level sensors or maybe it's the neopixels mounted on its surface. Or maybe it's the expansion possibilities, with multiple points to connect external sensors and dedicated connectors for up to two servos. Or perhaps its the slot through which you can drop a marker pen so that your GiggleBot can draw as you drive. Either way, GiggleBot is full featured, full of potential for some very exciting educational projects and on the whole, tres, tres cool. Oui. Le GiggleBot, c'est bon (with apologies to French speakers everywhere!).

It's also a tough little bot. I drove mine right off the top of a table and it landing with a sickening "crunch" on a hard, wooden floor. Not a problem. GiggleBot shrugged off the impact and got right back to work.

And giggling GiggleBots, Batman! GiggleBot has the best name too :-)

But enough of my thoughts on GiggleBot, already. What's this?

GiggleBot and Bitty Controller work together!

"Really? Oh wow!" I hear you say! Well, yes kind reader, it is indeed true. With the right code on your micro:bit, you can use the GiggleBot's I2C interface to take full control, driving your GiggleBot from your phone using the Bitty Controller app or web browser using BittyWeb. You can also collect sensor data and display it on Bitty Controller's enhanced touchpad controller UI.

C'est magnifique! And it really is :-)

Here's a video demonstration for your viewing pleasure.

You'll find code and information about using Bitty Controller with a GiggleBot right here.

And more information on GiggleBot itself at

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