Sunday, November 4, 2018

Changes to Bitty Controller, Bitty Blue and micro:bit blue

This week sees some important changes made to Bitty Blue, Bitty Controller and micro:bit blue. The d-pad controller in micro:bit blue has been removed and similarly, the on/off switch control has been removed from Bitty Blue. The on/off controller is now available in Bitty Controller, where logically, it belongs. Bitty Blue and micro:bit blue are both free of charge but Bitty Controller is a paid for application, albeit with a very low price. This change has been made to rationalise the functionality in each application and eliminate duplication. Commercial pressures also play a part and it is hoped that users of Bitty Software applications will not object to helping to fund the running of Bitty Software so that applications for micro:bit can continue to be offered.

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