Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Bitty Polyhedra V1.0 now available in BittyWeb

BittyWeb has a new application. It's called Bitty Polyhedra and it's designed to help teach and learn about 3D geometric shapes known as polyhedra. Start by loading our hex file onto your micro:bit or follow the Bitty Software tutorial to make your own. Then, in BittyWeb go into the Bitty Polyhedra application, scan for your micro:bit, select and connect to it.

From there you can explore shapes in the shape library, rotating 3D images of the selected shape on screen using your micro:bit as a controller, tilting or rotating to control the shape on screen.

Test your knowledge by taking a quiz!

Lots of fun and educational too.

Sign up for a BittyWeb account at https://www.bittysoftware.com/bittyweb/signup.php

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